Welcome to Penuela

Welcome to Penuela.nl  This is essentially a website that will allow my family members to access the site and see what some of the other family members are up to.  By way of text, images and video, I hope we will be able to share with each other.  Over time, I hope to add additional pages and posts that update some of the activities, vacations and experiences of our extended family.  Other relatives and friends may be interested as well, and I certainly invite you to drop by and check us out when you have a moment.

My father belonged to a family of two boys.  Having two younger brothers, I was fortunate to be in a family with three boys.  Libby and I continued that tradition after we were married, and yes, we had three boys as well.  Consequently, our last name has stuck with us for as long as I can remember.

The original name, Penuela, originated in the “Old Country.”  Specifically, it came from Spain, centuries ago.  During my father’s research in the late 1960s, we became acquainted with some of the history and were introduced to our family crest.  I did a bit of the research again in the mid to late 2000s and the results were identical, if still a little incomplete.  My hope is to continue the research, including DNA analysis, and find out as much as I can about our origin.  As I find additional information, I’ll certainly update this page with the pertinent facts.  Our original family crest is shown here:

Penuela, Original Master

At some point during our time in this country, Penuela became “Americanized” and we lost the “a” on the end.  Sad, but perhaps a necessary evil.  We now answer to Penuel and it’s unique enough to set us apart…..just a little.  Hopefully, we as a group of individuals, have progressed and changed just as our name has.  We are all very family oriented yet still independent, strong willed and at times, a little outspoken.

It seemed appropriate to me that our family crest undergo a change as well, in order to reflect an evolved and more modern family of individuals.  As the oldest surviving male, I took it upon myself to update the family crest, at least for myself, and alter it just a bit.  I updated the two red crossed shields in the original such that they reflect two of the strongest feelings I have.  The shield on the right has been updated to resemble the flag of the Christian church.  This is extremely important to me and no family crest of my own can be complete without it.  The shield on the right has been updated to resemble the anarcho-capitalist flag.  Anarcho-capitalism is another extremely important concept to me, especially in light of the tyranny and lawlessness we are experiencing with the current administration in Washington.  It’s important to say again that these are my own beliefs.  While many of my relatives may share them to a degree, they may not be quite as zealous.  I feel so strongly about it, the updated family crest is on my upper right arm as well as shown below:

Penuela, New Master

Enjoy your visit…….